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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Peruvian cloudless night . . .

Here, the Pacific Ocean drifts in tide
along this gravel shore,
the waves undulating,
serpentine, infinite.

At night, the Southern Cross rises
low to the horizon, above mountains
as the earth rises and turns.
These fixed mountains remain;
the sun circles to the right, to the left,
months pass, another millenium.

The puma, the serpent, the condor,
transformed and transforming,
feathered serpent, feline jaws:
Incan icons tremble.

At night, the stars burn
an arc in the sky,
across the dark spaces,
the Milky Way splashes across the heavens.
A cloudless night like this
can set the spirit soaring.

One day too late, but still, a poem for Keith Ramblings´CARRY ON TUESDAY, pulling from my reading and study of Incan beliefs and artifacts here in Lima, Peru. His lines to prompt the poem come from Auden: "A cloudless night like this can set the spirit soaring." Very evocative. Thank you, Keith.


  1. This is amazing. How I'd love to experience it for myself.

    Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On!

  2. this is fascinating

  3. Anonymous11:57 PM

    A beautiful write. Took me there.

  4. That is evocative! A lovely poem, as always, with descriptions that create wonderful images in the imagination.

  5. A picture in words. Lovely

  6. Like the repeating rhyme within serpentine infinite........amongst other parts!