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Friday, May 22, 2009

164 Worry . . .

Are my Chinese noodles cooked sufficiently?
Should I become a vegetarian?
Have I enough clean underwear?
How many overdue books can I have at one time
without losing my library card?

Will my flesh melt when I die,
or do I care, for then
my sightless eyes will not see,
my mouth will not laugh,
I will not worry about you.

How do we know when a poem works? This little poem started silly, then turned serious. Isn't the world full of worry. Don't we all worry, and only sometimes with reason?

Also, I did want to get on the list just a little ahead of Anthony North, who is always so prolific and prompt with his postings. This week I have access to a computer, so this week I am early, early, early! It's not a race at all. Being part of Sunday Scribblings is like a virtual home, and those who post (and read) (and even comment) seem almost like friends.


  1. :)

    did i tell you that you shouldnt rate your own work !! cuz i disagree with what you think and i find this truly lovely!

    the simpler the better :)
    shows you dont have to worry about complexities :)

    Happy SS

  2. Ah, so it's a race now? ;)

    It's delightful and a simple reminder of what we should NOT be worrying about.


  3. This is so cute. A perfect example of how many worries we have in a day (no matter how small they are.)

  4. This is very cute and well said.

  5. All of the simple moment to moment worries and then suddenly,yes, shockingly fast, we have something to really worry about. With one space you have achieved such a fast shift of mood. Life is like that isn't it?

  6. Well I think it works just right. And thanks for the kind words and link :-) As you'll notice, I was late this week :-(

  7. Your poem works for me, early or not

  8. unfortunately iam like you,, forever worrying about things over which i have no control.....

  9. I think a poem works when it brings someone joy, a cause to reflect, or feel. This one certainly passes! I enjoyed the first bit best.

  10. Isn't that the problem with worry? We start out worrying about something inconsequential and soon we are worried about big terrible things that keep us awake at night.

  11. I like that the poem started out as humorous, but ended with more sobering lines. It is the same with worry. Worry often starts out negligible and ends with much more importance.

  12. The worries do seem to spiral, larger and larger, until we're paralyzed by it.

  13. Hi, thanks for stopping by.
    The second half is quite thought provoking. No matter where we live, we all have similar concerns and worries :)

  14. I agree that we worry only sometimes with reason :)

  15. I hope when I am gone I won't be worrying anymore,,, but until then we all do it don't we.

  16. hehe well i really liked the library card bit!