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Friday, November 18, 2022

November hastens! Holidays ahead.

 Thanks to encouragement from friends -- and that push from National Novel Writing Month, I'm up to 36K words already written for that next book, The Lost Sarcophagus, projected to be about 70K when I'm done, right?

Today's treat is the opening scene (for now). Sandra and Neil are on their way to Cairo, at the request of the Director of the Egyptian Museum. Just before they get to their hotel, here's what happens!

     “Let’s get this over with,” said Pete. The two burly men carried an immense floral arrangement of lilies and pushed their way past the uniformed attendant into the spacious lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. They tromped up the red carpet and stopped at the front desk under the crystal chandelier as if they belonged there.    

     “May I help you?” asked the clerk. His voice quavered slightly.

     “These are for McDonnell,” said one of the men, his voice low, almost a growl.

     “Yes, sir. We expect Mr. McDonnell a little later today.”

     Pete scowled. “Just make sure he gets these.”

     “Yes, sir. We will put them in his suite immediately. Did you wish to leave a message?”

     “Do I look like I want to leave a message? Just do it.” The man turned away, his shoulders straining the edges of his black jacket. “Come on, Karim. Let’s get out of here.”

     The clerk watched the two men swagger out the entry and sighed in relief. “Glad they’re not guests,” he muttered to himself as he snapped his fingers for an attendant. “Take these up to the Nile Executive Suite on 12.”

     Outside, the two men made their way from the hotel. “Glad that’s done,” said Pete as he jerked his tie loose.

     “Flowers? That’s not what we usually deliver. Did Cochrane say why?” asked Karim.

     “I don’t know, and I don’t care. The boss speaks. I do what he says. You better do the same, or you won’t last long.” He turned south to Salat, the transit station. Karim followed. Soon, they were lost in the crowd.

So, what did you think? Are you ready to turn the page?

Here's the Great Hall, as we entered the Egyptian Museum so long ago

And me visiting Cheops pyramid,
back in the day when you could touch the stones!

With Thanksgiving just a week away, that to-do list just keeps getting longer! Hope your list is a little easier to manage. But, one day at a time, we're getting those tasks caught up. Really. The car has new tires, our living room lamp is fixed, and even the toilet works again!

Our dear granddaughter decided she really, really wants to have Beef Wellington for Thanksgiving dinner. So, we shall feast. Meanwhile, back at home, I've added a Turkey Day family dinner on December 4. How can we not have turkey? So the menu: Roast turkey with stuffing (or dressing, as folks in the west like to say), mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, and cranberry compote. But what else??? I'm not sure. Maybe a Southern Comfort Pudding? Pumpkin pie? Fruit salad? What would be the healthiest? the tastiest? What would your family miss most on Turkey Day?

Be well, enjoy each day, and happy holidays!!!!


  1. I think the bouquet is something sinister, poison or a listening device. You have me wanting to turn the pages. I can hardly wait for more!

    1. Thank you, Sandy, for reading with such heart!