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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Planning ahead . . .

Somehow, we made it. As early spring flowers blossomed into summer, every view is now colored green. a time of promise, and warmer weather. 

Vaccines now complete, we are venturing into what almost looks and feels like the 'real' world. Hubby is slowly, slowly recovering from back surgery, and each day brings something new (sometimes expected, like a granddaughter's ninth birthday, and sometimes not expected, like new quilting projects).

I can report progress on final revisions for The Island Wife, that long-awaited Book 4 to my trilogy that tells the story of Moira and Dylan in 1840's northern Scotland. Between editing and proofing, though, another story wants my attention. 

This leads me to ask: Can I truly work on TWO projects at the same time???

And to stir the pot, NaNoWriMo just announced a writing challenge for July. Writers set their own goals for this month-long 'summer camp' and track their progress. I'm already signed up! More than ready to get back to work on that art crime mystery I started earlier in the year. My goal? Add another 15,000 words in July. 

Today, I started putting together my journal for The Missing Sarcophagus. Take one inexpensive composition book. Print out images for characters, settings, and conflicts. Paste into the notebook. Start writing notes, impressions, memories, questions, and key dates and/or a timeline. Voila! This little notebook travels more easily than my laptop!

Here's the working blurb:

When art crime experts Sandra and Neil McDonnell fly to Cairo for a month-long honeymoon, they don’t expect to discover a fake sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum. Pulled into a tangled web of thefts, they encounter smugglers and uncover a plot to steal artifacts from GEM at Giza, the site of Egypt’s newest museum. 

When threats escalate against Sandra and Neil, and dead bodies begin to appear, can they solve the mystery and find their happy ever after?

The Seventh Tapestry introduced Sandra and Neil, so The Missing Sarcophagus will continue their adventures. I'm more than ready to research, draft, and write their story. Much more fun than copy editing!

What do you think? Have you ever worked on two big projects at the same time? How did that work out for you? I could say yes, more than once, when I was teaching, but now, as a retired writer, I'm less sure. I only know this story set in Egypt is calling my name.

With hopes your summer brings you peace, lots of words, good progress (if you are a writer), and adventures to cherish.  Beth

The Seventh Tapestry is available on Amazon



  1. Dear Beth, finally catching up on your news after, the grieving, paperwork swamp has somewhat receded…. Congratulations on the final stages of book 4 and your new venture. Back to pen and paper in a colourful notebook for this novel in progress. Isn’t that just heart-lifting ! No more screens and let your view out of your window safely guide your hand and pen. Wishing you all the best. SusanB rouchard.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Somehow the writing makes all else possible. Thinking of you and hoping you continue to gain strength and peace.

  2. I really like your blurb. I don't work on two projects at the same but I know lots of writers do. You're already super productive, so I bet you can do it too. I'm working on writing most days. I still work, take care of my mom, and have a busy blog so that's a challenge for me. But I am committing to writing more.

    1. Thank you, Natalie, for stopping by. I am always amazed by the sheer volume of projects you balance with creativity and grace. Work, family, blogging, AND writing! May all continue to go well.

  3. I believe that you can work on two projects at once and do them justice. You are such a disciplined writer. Hats off to YOU!!!

    1. Thank you, Sandy. Not every day is disciplined . . . but, we persevere, right?