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Monday, January 04, 2016

2016: First poem . . . "Open"

This year, let me open
like a flower, petals uncurling,
like a dream of the sea, endless water,
like an unfolding of days,
each complete to itself,
infinite in the rising and setting
of the same sun,
the same me,
the same you
through these days of winter
into the promise of spring. 

Horsetail Falls,
Columbia Gorge in Winter
by Doug Beghtel 

Poets on the Page: 2016 begins with a new online writing community for poets. Poets on the Page offers a weekly poetry prompt each Monday. Why not read what others have written and jump right in with a poem of your own?

This week's prompt: Write for ten minutes asking yourself this question - What if you stop trying to be who you aren't, let everything that isn't you drop away, and embrace the real you? Word Prompts: direct, frank, candid, open.

Visit Poets on the Page blog for more information!

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