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Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Review: Death Goes to the County Fair

How do readers show appreciation to writers -- especially indie writers? One of the best ways is to write a review.  

January begins with cold weather and after tromping around in the snow, I wanted nothing more than to cuddle up next to the fireplace with a nice cozy read.

Annette Drake's novella, Death Goes to the County Fair (An Ogallala Mystery), has been on my to-read pile for a little while.

This cozy mystery begins with a runaway house fire as Joni, a newly hired reporter/photographer for the Ogallala Gazette, is sent out to photo the scene.

Joni, just out of college and not quite sure she fits into this small town, carries out her assignments with enthusiasm, even when misspelling the mayor’s name or taking a picture of the largest pig at the county fair. But she finds herself caught between small town intrigues and her rising curiosity over a murder – discovered right at the biggest income producer for Ogallala – the county fair. 

Heartfelt characters combined with a realistic small town feel and a neatly twisted plot lead to an entertaining 4.5 star read.

Annette Drake, a former Spokane writer now relocated to the west coast, has long been active in supporting other writers. 

This story, her fifth book but first mystery, was inspired by her own experience as a journalist just out of college -- and embarking on her first job.

She writes engagingly of the mix between fiction and personal experience that led her to write Death Goes to the County Fair on her website HERE.  

Why not check out Annette's books? Available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore, on request.

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