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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two marketing ideas for writers to consider . . .

As August winds down, here are two marketing ideas that have inspired me AND that may be useful for you!

Birthday Month Reader Appreciation Sale.  It's Frank Zafiro's birthday this month. Frank's celebrating his birthday by setting a very special price -- 99 cents for ALL his e-books, ALL month. 

I've only read one of Frank's crime genre books so far, but I enjoyed his gritty, sometimes noir style that pushes the reader to reconsider the moral issues that crime solvers sidestep or face, at considerable cost either way. 

Frank's offer extends just to the end of August, though. Here's the link to his blog, to his Amazon page that lists his books, AND the link to Thriller Thirteen, an anthology of 13 crime/thriller novels that features a story by Frank -- some 3,520 pages for 99 cents!

I think having a birthday month sale is a great idea -- as is being a part of a writing anthology. 

Writers can plan their blogs? 

This second idea comes from a newsletter from The Book Designer (hosted by marketing guru Joel Freidlander) which featured Nina Amir's article, "How To Create a Blog Plan for Any Type of Book." 

Nina lays out how to plan posts for your blog so that they are focused around a theme and follow a neatly specific week-by-week, month-by-month plan that you -- and your readers -- can rely on. She suggests using your blog to build an e-book . . . post by post. 

I know a writer who's doing just this! Building an e-book, blog post by blog post. Check out Ruth Nestvold's blog for her very helpful series on Starting out as an Indie Writer. Ruth writes fantasy/science fiction and is a prodigious writer, with 16 published books and 4 works in progress. She takes the craft of writing seriously as well as sharing what she's learned about publishing and marketing. And her e-book will be forthcoming!

May your writing and marketing go well. 


  1. These are both great ideas!
    I put my book on sale for $.99 on its birthday!

  2. Thank you, Tara. I still love your beastly survey!