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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday's Author Spotlight: It's Me!

Whew! Busy week! Two interviews went online this week. 

Thanks go to Annette Drake for hosting me on her weekly Author Spotlight, up at the crack of dawn this morning. Annette is the author of Celebration House (on Amazon), a compelling read about a woman who buys a house to discover ghosts and a unique ability to communicate with them. 

And just one week ago, Deb McKnight hosted me on Novel Notions: Self-Published Sunday.  Deb is also an author. Her first book, Of Dreams and Shadow (on Amazon), looks to be a powerful tale that begins with a missing child.

In both interviews, I talk a little about the writing process and self-publishing. You'll find another excerpt from Standing Stones as well. 

And I finally was able to attend a panel hosted by the Inland Northwest Writers' Group (INWG), here in Spokane at Auntie's Bookstore. Six writers with widely varying experience commented on the vagaries of self-publishing. I gleaned a few new ideas and found some interesting new writers to read.

  • Ignore social media at your peril! Twitter, tweet, and cross post.
  • Build your community online. Connect to those who comment on your posts.
  • If you blog, then blog 2x a week consistently.
  •  Consider Kobo and Barnes & Noble in addition to Amazon.
  • Keep developing your technical skills:  E-books rule!
  • Make your work accessible on different media -- Podcasts?
And, perhaps most important, book reviews really matter! If you like an author, post a review, no matter how short.

NOTE: If you are a self-published author looking for another way to promote your book, (a service much like The Fussy Librarian) is offering free listings for writers -- just until March 24. Here's their For Authors page.

Added to my to-read list: Frank Zafiro (crime/noir), Ned Hayes (historical fiction), Deby Fredericks (science fiction/fantasy), Raymond Hudson (literary fiction), and Terry Fossum (self-improvement). 

Happy reading! How did we get to the end of March so fast???

Here's my book at Auntie's in Spokane!


  1. I will check out the sites where you are in the spotlight. Congrats! Once again, thanks for the information on publishing and all of the links. Much, much appreciated, Beth.

  2. I'm never sure what will be most useful -- but I'll keep trying new strategies and writing! I hope you pursue your book as well.