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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weds Yahoo! I'm live on Amazon!!!!

The Mermaid Quilt & Other TalesToday was pretty exciting. The Mermaid Quilt & Other Tales went live on Amazon, proving that pure dogged tenacity does work. Sometimes.

After waffling over whether I should or shouldn't e-pub, I decided to put up a collection of short stories and poems. True, I couldn't get two images included in the final document, but I WAS able to format to Kindle standards. My next step is to learn how to publish on CreateSpace so that IF anyone did want a paper copy, that is possible.

You can click on the image or the title to visit Amazon and "look inside" to read the first story, if you like.

This whole process has taught me so much about formatting. I still can't quite believe that my stories are 'out there' for others to read. Right now I'm feeling pretty darn grateful to everyone who weighed in on the cover. I love the results! Romantic. A little mysterious. Hopefully inviting!

Participating in ROW80 has been a useful process for me.  Not only have I met other writers and seen how they approach these twice-weekly check-ins, but people have been very generous in advice and in sharing their thoughts about writing. By participating, we write ourselves into a sense of community, and I appreciate that universal caring of craft.  But the writing comes first and the goals and weekly check-ins push me to clarify what I really want to do. So, thank you ROW80!


WRITING: I will reread Standing Stones and analyze it for revision (1 month). Still waiting for first reader feedback on Years of Stone. By the end of November, I'd like to begin researching Rivers of Stone.

READING: Each month The Writer and Writer's Digest arrive. Each month I dutifully read 10% and put the magazine in a safe "to read" stack. I'm challenging myself to read both of these magazines cover to cover and to use at least one article to strengthen writing or revision skills. Yes, I rip the magazine up and file selected articles by topic. But now I want to USE the information.

MARKETING: OK this is way more complicated than I thought. The least I can do is devise a plan -- this week.

PUBLISHING: Get The Mermaid Quilt up on POD through CreateSpace (maybe 2 weeks).

Quote of the day: "I wake up at 5 a.m., when very little threatens to distract me -- the hell if I'm gonna cruise around the 'interweb' at that hour when I'm giving up sleep." Jonathan Evison in "How to Take Your Fiction to the Next Level (The Writer, September 2012, p. 30).

How easily are you distracted by the 'interweb' when you begin writing?


  1. I think the cover's VERY inviting! I'm going to go read on Amazon now. :-)

  2. I'm back. It's marvelous!

  3. Congrats, Beth! I admire your tenacity in reaching your goal.

  4. Congrats! You've published! And I do like the subtle changes you worked on your cover. :} Since you write poetry, you should (if you already haven't...that is) check out 'Wander Without Being Lost'. This blogger/poet/writer links to many interesting poetry challenges and such. :}

  5. Congratulations Beth! That's wonderful that your book is live on Amazon. And I love the cover. It's beautiful! Very inviting.

  6. Hi, Beth!

    Just purchased my copy of The Mermaid's Quilt and Other Tales, and I'd like to tell you why. You wrote what is so necessary for me as a reader: an opening sentence that tells me you know your story so I want to know why that drive is familiar. I am excited to learn about mermaids as well as read your work but mostly I'm excited because your first sentence intrigues me.

    Think you did a great job in finalizing the cover, and I really like the font. I wish you the absolute best with this Beth.


  7. I've always been shy about responding to comments, instead visiting bloggers and leaving comments at their sites, but this outpouring of good wishes and kind thoughts is so nurturing. Thank you all. May your week go well! Beth

  8. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Beth congratulations! That's really exciting news. The cover is beautifully done. I wish you every success.

    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)