Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weds Check in . . . and Covers . . .

Every day I'm seeing a few more leaves turning that pre-fall yellow, just at the tips of trees. 90 degree weather, but these hints of fall are here. And what am I doing this week but obsessing about covers.

So far, I've learned that the three key elements of a 'good' cover are 1) title really large and in different font than that for the author, 2) author also with large font (no room for modesty here), and 3) an eye catching image. Startling. Make the person want to 'open' the e-book. Dear hubby wants me to go with original artwork (no, no, no, no). Shutterstock has some interesting images.

Here are the two latest for votes, if you please.  And do you like either of the earlier covers better?

Dare I say that the formatting for Kindle is done? Yes!

Did I write that blurb for the back of the book? Yes! Only because of  ROW80 am I reporting progress for the Weds check-in.

Now to see what others have done -- and to wish everyone well for the coming week. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I fear no progress is being made until this cover issue is resolved.


  1. The top cover is too busy for me, and the font is too blocky, stands out *too* much. But I do like the mermaid. Maybe without the frame and with a more fantasy-style font?

    I like the bottom cover better, but it strikes me a bit as a children's book, which I assume you don't want.

    Good luck and have a great rest of the week!

  2. Point by point, I agree with Ruth regarding these two covers. As to your query regarding the previous covers, I still like the very first one but again, I am very traditional and do not know anything about e-publishing whereas Ruth has considerable experience.

    Good for you in getting that Kindle formatting finished. I don't look forward to that day. As always, it's fun to stop by your blog, Beth.


  3. Thank you both for commenting. I treasure your feedback. Adding the blocks to Cover A looks too busy to me too, but I'm not happy yet with Cover B either (just a pencil drawing). Aargh! Don't think I will have much to report on Sunday. Perseverance furthers.

  4. I really like the mermaid in the first cover, but I agree with Ruth that it's too busy with the frame around it and the font feels too heavy. Perhaps it would help if you simplified the quilt blocks around the photograph - maybe just try one layer. And I think Ruth's suggestion of using more of a fantasy-style font is excellent.

    The second cover is a lovely drawing, but I find it's too pale and washed out. It needs some more contrast. It would help, if at least some of the details were rendered with bolder colours.

    I also agree with Karen, in that I liked the very first cover you showed us.

    This is quite a process I know, but it's good to consider several options which is exactly what you're doing. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us Beth. I just know that you're going to come up with jut the right cover for your book!

  5. I came across your book while searching for mermaids today on I belong to, my favorite site. I was just going to add your book to the database since I noticed it wasn't on there yet but now I'm not sure. I didn't realize the book was SO new that you haven't chosen a cover for it yet. I was going to use the same cover in the first pic & on Amazon. Personally, I like all 4 covers shown on this pg. I think the big blocky white font on the 2nd pic that has the same art cover as the 1st is too much and not rt. Surprisingly, coz I usually have my own strong opinions, I completely agree with Andrea about the frames on what I'm calling the 3rd pic & the pale washed out mention of the 4th, though it is a great pic in & of itself. I personally agree with your hubby that the original artwork is the best for the book. I feel it's the right tone, most memorable, very original looking, and has a more timeless feel (unlike the 3rd pic) and w/ the original font which, just all works for me and my tastes. BUT, it's most certainly not up to 'lil ol' me. And I just noticed I agree with Karen AND with Andrea (again) I guess since I think they're talking about the same one --
    Michael Fierce