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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Reflections . . .

Writing every day with a specific number of words as a goal is working for me. Hooray! I'm also not writing every day for A-Z April's Blogging Challenge. But . . .

I miss seeing what everyone else is doing, thinking, feeling, writing. That was a neat community of writers. I couldn't visit every single 1718 participants. Maybe I met 40 new bloggers. Tried to visit them every day. Laughed and cried. Learned a few new strategies. Appreciated the wide range of celebrations of what it means to be writing and connecting with others who care about writing. Would I like this to continue? Yes.

Last night I dreamed about the last hummingbird or maybe the first humming bird of summer. I met a prolific journalist-writer who has dreams of four more books. The trees here are in full flower. Every street filled with that bright spring green and outrageous cherry pink. Someone is moving in the empty apartment next door, and I feel guilty for not pitching in. But this morning's writing hit quota. It's time to do a little online reading, make breakfast for my DH, and maybe move a few boxes for the new neighbor. Write on, everyone! Write on.


  1. Just stopping by to say hello and check out your blog. Write on!

  2. Now that I'm recovered, I miss it too!