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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Weds Post: Back Home Again . . . and Writing!

Something about this pandemic makes me want to hit the road. So, after four and a half months of sheltering-in-place, we traveled south. Drove 7 hours straight to Oregon, only stopping for gas, with our masks in place. A four day escape to visit dear friends from long ago. We sat on their expansive patio as dusk fell, admiring the garden of flowers and the deer who came to browse. Four wonderful days of talking with friends face-to-face. Not on Zoom. Not on FaceTime. Four days without news.

Even on the way home, we could appreciate each change in the landscape, from rolling farm hills, along a sort-of-tunnel road to the Columbia River, then up the east side of Washington home to the high plateau of dry pines and mountains. We appreciated anew our solitude, the birds who visit our tiny patio, and quiet in the morning for writing.

Update for The Seventh Tapestry: The last two months have been challenging as I wrestled with Amazon and Draft2Digital over who had rights to publish my latest book, The Seventh Tapestry. Sales were blocked for a time -- as were reviews. Finally, all the behind-the-scenes issues have been resolved.

Would you like to review The Seventh Tapestry? I would be thrilled if you said yes. Let me know by e-mail to, and I will send you a free copy (e-pub, PDF, or mobi, your choice), and only ask that you post your honest review on two outlets by August 20. Your choice: Amazon, GoodReads, or Barnes & Noble.

Update for latest writing project, The Missing Sarcophagus. Yes, I'm already hard at work on the sequel to The Seventh Tapestry. This new story has Sandra and Neil mired in another missing museum artifact. The setting? Cairo, Egypt, where I was lucky enough to travel not so long ago.

Egyptian Blue Water Lily (Wikipedia)
This morning's research led me to find the lovely and sacred Blue Water Lily, also known as the Blue Lotus, known for its poisonous and mild psychedelic properties. How did that flower get into the welcome bouquet delivered to Sandra and Neil at their hotel, just as they arrive in Cairo?

May you be well, nurturing yourself and all those who need you, saving some time for creativity and to appreciate (even now) the beauty of each day.


  1. I’m glad you managed to get a change of scenery for a few days, Beth. And, have some friendly company. I’m sure it was worth the long drive! Plus, you’ve been busy creating, I see. Well done! I wish I had more time to read! :-( I’ve been pretty busy as well - thanks to having more time to work now that we’re “stuck” in MA - but we are heading out for a little break into the forests and mountains of New Hampshire tomorrow as well. Have a terrific weekend!

    1. Good for you taking that time away. I was so surprised at what a difference it made, now being 'at home.' In reality, we are 'at home' any place, as you have shown over and over again. Footless. Happy to be on the road. Stay well as you travel, my friend!