Wednesday, March 04, 2020

IWSG #3 March: Cactus and Commitment

This last month, I’ve been in Tucson, surrounded by the Catalina Mountains and miles of cacti and hiking trails, museums, unforgettable restaurants (Greek, Iranian, ‘Mercian, and Mexican). A lovely vacation. We leave for home this coming Friday, back to the land of steady internet and concerns about Coronavirus. Snow is predicted for Saturday back in Spokane, a long stretch from 82F this Thursday.

Because of iffy internet connections, and hours of frustration, I’ve set aside my writing commitments. As a new owner of an iPad, I have learned I cannot work (that is draft AND save) on my wip unless I’m connected to the internet. So try revision on a first draft and skipping writing every other day. Doesn’t lead to consistency. I switched to writing scenes. That didn’t work either. How about by hand? Didn’t writers work this way BEFORE technology? And write great stuff? But where is that quiet corner, nearly impossible to find when traveling in a group.

I have renewed appreciation for — my writing room at home, an internet connection that works 24/7, and uninterrupted writing time each morning. DH doesn’t care if I get up at 5am to write. So, the muse has been on her own vacation — We learned of healing baskets, the quiet of the desert, and the surprise of sun and birdsong during the winter.

Lesson for this month not at all connected to IWSG? Remember, my daughter said, that when you fly long distances, you’ll need some time before your soul catches up with you. So, the muse and I will wait a few days after unpacking — and then, we’ll write!

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group offers a monthly challenge, to share our challenges, successes, and doubts — to encourage each of us with our writing. This month’s challenge (optional) was to write about how different holidays may have inspired our writing. Nearly 200 writers participate in this monthly challenge. Why not visit our HOME PAGE at to see what others have written — and to thank this month’s hosts!

May your writing go well. Or, at least, better than my iPad skills!

Near Sabino Canyon, Tucson


  1. Hi,
    I'm laughing because I so agree with you about the internet connections when you're traveling. I make it a part of my routine to ask now in the travel office, does this place have internet? If it doesn't I find another hotel. I've even had to find another town just to get internet. :-)

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  2. Thank you, Pat. I so appreciate your understanding. We’re happily home now — and internet is now restored, but I still have much to learn about this ‘new’ iPad.

  3. It sounds like the weather in Tucson has been nice this winter and I hope you enjoyed your time there, apart from the frustrations, Beth. Last winter/spring it was cold in that area. We never had more than about 60 degrees in February.

    On the other hand - and this is purely selfish - I’m glad there’s is now one more person in this world who understands what I go and went through on a daily basis, for thirteen years! Yep, life on the road (and on the water) involves unreliable internet, hard-to-come-by electricity, and company in close quarters ALL THE TIME. I’ve craved my own office many times and only managed to get this when house sitting in the past. Have a safe trip home!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Liesbet. I do remember writing without being dependent on a computer and the internet, but today? Aaargh! We've been home about a week, and between recovering from a cold and catching up on laundry and mail, I'm nearly ready to start writing again. Stay well, and may you find your own office!

  4. I love coming home to my writing room.

  5. Welcome home. The vacation sounds nice, but the internet yeah I be glad to be home too, lol. Hope your muse comes back all refreshed and motivated. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. When we travel I think our brains are absorbing all the new sights, sounds, and flavors and once we're home and relaxed they are processed and ready to become stories.