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Friday, January 04, 2019

Just Jot It in January!

I've been pretty sick for the last seven days, enough so that my writing has completely stalled. Yesterday was the first day I sat down at my computer to begin to catch up with reading and posting . . . perhaps on my blogs.

Several of my online writing friends mentioned playing around with Just Jot It January, an idea created by Linda G. Hill that encourages us to jot those ideas down, even a sentence! That sounded pretty perfect to me, since I haven't been writing at all. For the first time, as I sat quietly in the library, staring out the window at a winter scene, thinking about writing, Inspired also by Rui Chan's haiku, I used the NOTEPAD feature on my I-phone to jot down this:

Like crocus pushing their way up
through the cold earth, 
I begin healing,
winter into spring, 
once again.

Linda's website offers daily prompts and guidelines, and so I shall persevere as I dive back into my own writing with #JustJoJan. Why not join in?


  1. What a nice initiative to start slowly and refreshed, whether it is because it's a new year, because we need to get "back to work" after the holidays, or because we have not been feeling so well. I do hope you are healing quickly now and can pick up work on your current WIP again a well, Beth!

  2. Well Beth, how fortunate I am to find your blog again. It's been a while. Love the idea "Just Jot It January". Will try that.. Will try anything to get me going... Hope your are feeling better and are writing away ...