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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cover Reveal: "The Fifth Watcher"

As a writer, one thrilling moment in the long journey from idea to actual book-in-the-hand is the day the cover jells.

Today's blog celebrates the cover reveal for Melissa Barker-Simpson, an energetic writer of science fiction and fantasy. Her latest book, The Fifth Watcher, will release on November 21.

Is that a gorgeous cover? 
Are you ready for another good read?

Here's the SYNOPSIS for The Fifth Watcher.

At the moment of Audrey Montgomery’s birth, a new world came into existence -- a barren place, a catalyst for the darkness spreading through the multidimensional system. The shift in power makes Audrey an invaluable pawn in a war between those who want to protect her and those who will go to extraordinary lengths to eliminate her.

As a result, she has spent her life on the run, unaware of her true origins. When her father dies and leaves her with a shocking legacy, her life is irrevocably changed. If she has any hope of surviving, Audrey must embrace her new reality and trust a man who is as dark and uncertain as the future itself.

Lieutenant Keith Delany, an Interdimensional Officer of the Law (IDOL), is tasked with bringing her in. It is an assignment his entire team are invested in, having spent years searching for her. As a senior member of the squad, Keith is charged with protecting her, with showing her the truth about her past, and with preparing her for an unknown future. As an IDOL he is responsible for every life, for every traveller who navigates the system.

But his connection to Audrey is unprecedented, and he soon discovers she alone holds the power to prevent the continuum’s collapse.

Here's a taste of Melissa's writing style in an EXCERPT:

I shook my head to clear the hum in my ears. The sounds were duller now, my vision blurry. I was looking through some kind of membrane and it was closing in on me. It pulled me further and further inside until I wanted to scream for it to end.

My father hadn’t prepared me for this. If I could see the enemy, I could fight, but I had no way of defending myself against this.

Heat travelled along my skin, but it didn’t burn. There was no pain. I held onto that as everything faded and I was engulfed by a shocking blast of light. It was everywhere. Even when I closed my eyes, it pierced right through me.

I couldn’t deny the strange pull; a demand in my blood that told me to let go. I had little choice but to obey.

In the next moment, a wave of nausea caught me unaware, and I clenched my teeth to control it. The light receded, little by little, and my skin felt clammy now, rather than hot.

The silence was deafening, and though I was afraid, I opened my eyes, holding my breath until the spinning stopped. The world settled around me slowly, sharpening as I exhaled the air caught in my lungs.

I was no longer at home. I was out in the open, somewhere strangely familiar.

Melissa currently writes from England where she balances writing, parenting two teen-aged daughters, and working as a sign language interpreter. I first met Melissa as part of two online writing communities: A Round of Words in 80 Days and WIPpet Wednesday (both incredibly helpful sites for indie writers). She was kind enough to answer a few questions for today's big cover reveal for The Fifth Watcher:

1. What led you to become a writer? Have you always known or did something happen along the way? I’ve always been a writer; I’ve certainly been creating worlds for a long as I can remember. It is a part of who I am, a part I’m grateful for.

2. What do you want the reader to take away from reading your stories? I want my readers to have fun, to care about the characters as much as I do, and to feel a sense of connection. Entertainment is my main goal, to give back, because I gain so much pleasure in reading and it has helped me throughout my life. If I can do that for others – well, that just fills me with joy.

3. What's your next big step? I’m working on a Fantasy romance at the moment, which is a first for me. I love the characters, which makes it really hard to take a step back! I need to write the third in the Morgan and Fairchild series, or my readers won’t be too happy with me! The Fifth Watcher is also the first in the Worlds Apart series, so at some point I need to start thinking about that. I really should concentrate on one thing at a time, but I learnt long ago it’s not how my mind works and we have to be true to ourselves.

Melissa ends by reminding us to be "true to ourselves." I respect her commitment, her energy, and her sheer writing creativity. You can read about her other books on Amazon HERE.

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Go ahead, check out her book on November 21. Make an indie writer happy!

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