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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Thank you between . . . and between

I'm reminded of that well-worn saying:  "It takes a community . . . "

Maybe that's particularly relevant for self-published authors.

At least this afternoon, I'm feeling thankful for those readers, friends and writers, who have excitedly embraced Years of Stone, my just published, second book of historical fiction.

Chris Kincaid brightened my morning with a wonderful review of Standing Stones, Book 1, posted on GoodReads and on her blog, Dino Chronicles, named after her dog. 

Then Chris hit Facebook this morning to say she's reading Years of Stone, Book 2, over the 4th of July!

And Sandy Brown Jensen posted the first review of Years of Stone on Amazon. She liked it! See her blog at Mind on Fire.

Thank you, Chris.
Thank you, Sandy.

After all those hours of research, drafting, writing and rewriting, revising . . . then transforming the text into appropriate formats, now, dear readers, I turn Years of Stone over to you, with hope and a full heart of thankfulness.

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  1. Thanks, Beth, for the mention. You are the one who did all the work!