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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Join my September 99 cent celebration!

Thank you for reading my blog and participating in my writing journey.

To say thank you in a tangible way, I've cut the price just for the month of September to 99 cents for The Mermaid Quilt and Other Tales on Kindle and Smashwords.

Mermaid Tree of Life,
Chiapas, Mexico (Camp 1998)
Yes, I'm getting ready for the fall launch of two of my historical fiction novels, Standing Stones and Years of Stone. But I'm still experimenting with all that goes with being a writer in this digital age -- that's outside the box of actual writing. I'm talking about cover design, marketing plans, distribution channels, and, yes, pricing.

So, go ahead. If you haven't already read The Mermaid Quilt, you might enjoy this collection of 8 short stories and 10 poems. NOTE: The Smashwords version includes mermaid photos I've taken over the years and the opening chapters from Standing Stones.

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Or, if you're feeling bored, I just discovered Flickr and uploaded several hundred shots taken in England -- yours to use freely under Creative Commons.

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  1. Hi Beth, I just bought your book The Mermaid Quilt & Other Tales and I am looking forward to reading it!