Monday, July 08, 2013

Summer phone call . . .

Sure, I’ll make the salsa:
Two green onions, chopped fine.
Three ripe tomatoes,
I picked them this morning,
diced and pulped just a little.
Half a cup of cilantro.
A bud of garlic, minced, salt, 
a smidge of red pepper flakes.
The last ingredient, a squeezed lime.
Oh, how I wish for a ripe mango
fresh from the market,
diced and mixed in.
Bring some Rosarita’s and a few bottles
of beer. Yes, Dos Equis, Amber.
We’ll sit out back on the patio
as the afternoon fades to dusk
and watch the deer come out to graze.


  1. As beautiful as ever!

  2. Lovely, Beth, and I see we make our salsa just about the same way. I think mine might have more hot pepper, definitely not a smidge anyway. ;-)

  3. Lovely! It puts me in mind of a salsa competition we had one summer at the guest ranch where I worked - with ingredients fresh out of the garden. Not that I had any clue how to make salsa, but it was fun. Good times!

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Nice. This made my evening. Thanks.

  5. Haven't any deer to watch , sadly .
    But it sounds perfect !