Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Frida as Mermaid . . .

Frida Kahlo (Wikipedia)
Frida Kahlo swims
in the ocean, a mermaid,
her hair braided into 
a crown, festooned 
with red hibiscus flowers
and pink sea shells,
her cheeks pale,
her brows like dark islands,
her eyes two midnight stars.

She swims 
on the edge of my imagination.
Lighter than water, 
lighter than air.
She floats 
atop the calm, green waters,
Does she paint the sea?
Transform it 
as she transformed herself?

Between the waves,
she dives into herself.
Only one red hibiscus remains,
floating and drifting out to the sea.


  1. Beautiful, Beth. I particularly like: "Between the waves, she dives into herself." That is so Frida-ish. xoA

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  4. Lovely, Beth, as always. I, too, admire "Between the waves, she dives into herself." And on a somewhat related note, I re-read "The Mermaid's Quilt" a couple nights ago, such a fine story. It is among my top re-reads. Thank you for that.

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