Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday Musings:

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Othello Crane Festival (click to see details of this photo)
Last spring, we drove down to the Othello Crane Festival in southern Washington. We saw cranes in flocks, and, at sunset, we were treated to a swarm of hundreds of ducks circling an open field, calling to each other, landing, sometimes taking off again, yet coming down to ground, safe for the night. 

Overall this magnificent pattern, repeated each day as these birds migrate spring and winter, driven by some unnamed passion, reminds me of flocks of words and my own journey. This week is about editing, analyzing, persevering. My challenge is to infuse more conflict into my writing. I will begin with developing more in-depth character sketches for my two main protagonists. I know them well enough to dream about them, what they will say and do, but I know little about their deepest hopes and fears. 

Noah Lukeman in The Plot Thickens says that "Once you really know your character, your knowledge will flow unmistakably through the text; like an undercurrent, it will authenticate every word, gesture, and action." My week ahead promises a litany of read, write, and reflect. 

May your writing week go well.

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