Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Far from the Golden Arches

Day three of eating vegan:
that's brown rice, long grain,
mixed with wild,
then chopped spinach, carrots,
mushrooms, celery,
then chick peas for protein;
at the last, crushed garlic
that lingers on my fingers.
This savory supper just needs
a raw tomato, once a love apple,
sliced, the seeds spilling out.
Did I forget the nutritional yeast,
the tofu, the sunflower seeds?
My mouth tastes different.
I look out my window at spring
and think differently
about the growing season that comes
and harvest.


  1. Health is wealth, they say. Here, it's contentment. ;)

  2. Haven't had a bout of vegan eating for a while! I always think trying to be a vegan and not quite making it is the best way to be vegetarian - it stops you eating too many dairy products.

    I like the poem.