Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Saturday, July 11, 2009

#171 For my daughter . . .

I sink into your eyes, shift and sink,
child of mine now grown,
an indulgence to remember
you were once small.
I remember your first days.
I rocked you in my arms and sang
and dreamed of this,
two women walking in a Japanese garden,
two women sitting in a coffee house,
but one is saying hello,
the other saying goodbye.


  1. This is sad and happens all too often! Mothers memories and dreams melded so well!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah my daughter starts college this fall so I can relate all to well to this poem. Makes me want to cry.

  3. Absolutely love it I know the feeling of separaion My kids entered the road to it although they are still physically there

  4. So heartfelt...I have an 18-year old daughter and can relate to this so deeply.

  5. Poignant poetic piece. One we all face from different sides, depending on the time. Nicely said...

  6. touch of melancholy here

  7. You've catured the mother/daughter relationship perfectly here. Nicely done.

  8. Anonymous11:43 PM

    heartfelt emotions here.

  9. This is so lovely, and so personal I feel almost intrusive for reading it. So thank you for sharing it with us. I'm going to share it with my sister who has three young daughters. It'll make her cry.

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely, as is much of your work. Why don't you send us some of it?