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Friday, January 09, 2009

#145 Organic . . .

Sunday Scribblings this week asks us to define O-R-G-A-N-I-C, so:

Whole Food organic baked beans
Organic food baked
Beans whole

Whole earth organic cocoa crunch
Organic earth cocoa
Crunch whole

I remember the first time I ate granola, visiting a hippie commune in the wilds of northern California. We women helped to build a yurt, made yogurt from what I thought was spoiled milk, and baked bread with joy. By day I worked for a bank, surrounded by suits. On the weekends, I lived in a counter culture. One day I realized my friends wanted to throw bricks through the front window at my bank. And then I read the politics of protest, “Chicks up front,” and disengaged.

Today, organic is a line of products; national debate rages over what constitutes a legal definition of organic, so necessary for labels. I see now “organic” can be defined as essentially commercial, at least in our capitalistic society, having little to do with individual freedom. I would rather define “organic” as in harmony, as in “at one” with the Earth, but we seem a long way from that definition. Individual actions can shape an “organic” whole, but not necessarily in the way the individual intends. I still do like granola.


  1. I have been reading your blog for some time and enjoy it immensely. I have been too lazy to comment, but I know how much I appreciate comments, if only to know someone was there.

  2. Everything is marketed and commercialised in the end.
    A shame.

  3. I'm with Myrtle - I'd even appreciate a comment that said, "Hello!"
    I agree with your definition of organic... and I feel that the word has become a little polluted - isn't THAT ironic? :)

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Where has organic gone nowadays? As Anthony says, its a shame..

  5. i like your little poem and the bit about the hippie commune. sounds interesting.

    it reminds me of the movie Yes Man.

  6. Organic is a word that changes with the times...I enjoyed your story of having a foot in two worlds...
    Nice post!

  7. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Hello friends. Thank you all for commenting. I'm in Brazil just now and with limited access to internet. BUT, participating in Sunday Scribblings is like a lifeline to me now, so far from home, and yet still writing away each morning. Thank you ALL. I will try to read as many links-back as possible. You are all VERY APPRECIATED. Beth

  8. I like your definition, and I too like granola... not that I've eaten it that often, but when I have, I've enjoyed it.

  9. really you lead a weekend life like that?..I am sure you would have some amazing experiences to share from that

  10. I agree, "organic" has become a marketing tool, rather divorced from its original meaning. Making choices, very tricky.