Sunday, November 16, 2008

#137 Stranger . . .

What could be stranger than
walking on two legs, bisected
by knees that bend only backwards,
or feet adorned with just five toes,
and hands with four fingers and
only one opposable thumb?

What could be stranger than
breathing air instead of water, or eyelids
that blink up and down?
What could be stranger than speaking words,
having a birth day, or eating fish but not the bones?
What could be stranger than putting on a watch
as if we could measure time?

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  1. Yes, I suppose we would be pretty strange to most other lifeforms.
    Nice take on the prompt.

  2. Well, I always knew I was strange...

  3. Thoughtful writing. Nice to read!

  4. Ummn, there are some deep thoughts here, especially the one about measuring time!

  5. Yeah we are strange critters us many and varied people of the world, but some things link us all together.

  6. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Pianissimo to a forte punch, an inarguable point… What could be stranger than the relationship the human mind insists on having with the concept of time? LOL!

  7. "as if we could measure time?"
    just loved this line

  8. interesting points! :)

  9. You're right--people are peculiar beings...

  10. Anonymous9:15 PM

    i love now you have brought a prespective from the other side of a nature -

  11. The Bird Sanctuary

    You guys keep watching
    And I do my best, ignore
    Your constant invasions.
    I high step shallows,
    Fishing for my next feeding
    And you guys disturb
    All the little ones.

    They rush from me as if it
    Was all my own fault.

    Can't you mind your own business?

  12. Now I know what my fishes think of me... :) I think it's good to have that proverbial poke on our egos once in a while.

  13. To them, we most certainly move funny. We'd be the amusing specimen this time. (grin)

    A perspective rich with so many possibilities, rich fuel for the imagination. Cheers.

  14. Nice site. I will visit again. God Speed to you and yours.