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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Napowrimo and Sunday Scribblings

I'm exploring the topic of "fearless" from Sunday Scribblings this week and have written two more poems, but they won't appear here. This prompt is (perhaps for many who are writing this week and at least for me) a dark challenge. My two poems below ("Victorian Ladies" and "Vincent Van Gogh") are ones I can share comfortably. So perhaps I'm not so fearless.

I'm also at that place in my current novel where I'm worrying about my characters, whether they have depth, and how they get out of those situations that are still evolving. Write truth.

This seems difficult when I feel I really don't understand men at all, or at least do I ever know what they're thinking? What is that inner voice saying? Do men worry about things differently than women? At least it's easier to think about what kinds of jobs men held in the 1840s and what their choices were. I think I'll go post this on a fiction forum to see what others will say. May your writing go well.

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