Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Writing . . . and that other thing . . . e-publishing!

I haven't been writing so much these last two weeks.

But I have been busy working on the more technical side to get Standing Stones ready for publication. Hah! First real hurdle was the cover. Bless CreateSpace for encouraging me to jump right into the arms of an unknown graphic designer, Angie at pro_ebookcovers through a site that several self-publishing writers have recommended -- fiverr.

I'm thrilled with the result (see left) AND my new cover is happily uploaded to CreateSpace.

Now for the next, even more exacting phase. To use the words of Create Space, the next step is to prepare the "interior" of the book for publication. So I've spent the last three years researching, writing, and revising -- to create an "interior"!

I'm going to publish through CreateSpace for the paperback and Kindle and Smashwords for the e-book.

The first step to getting the paperback ready involved downloading the appropriate template for fiction (5.25" x 8"), and then squishing my historical fiction saga into the template.

As my mother would say, "Ooofta!"

Did I realize that every time I changed the gutter (after reviewing the file online), that the page numbers would change, necessitating a revision of the table of contents? Every time? And when I adjusted the headings so they were consistent throughout, that also changed the page numbers? And the table of contents again?

CreateSpace kindly encourages would-be self-publishers to review their books three times. First for format (headers, page numbers, footers, and margins). Second for images (I'm guessing overall clarity and placement, perhaps descriptors). And third for the inevitable typos and possible grammatical errors.

I kid you not. Three times. Seems more like 300. So I did use the 'free' online review file to check and edit format and images, but I'll order a review copy for a final, final, final read through before launching Standing Stones.

And that's my New Year's Whoopee!  May your 2014 writing and reading go well.