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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making a Book Video Trailer . . . on the cheap!

I did it! The video trailer. A visual way to introduce my forthcoming book, Standing Stones. My budget is zero, so here's the trailer AND my journey of roughly 10 hours (at no cost at all).

How-to make a truly cheap video trailer that might be OK.

Map out your text and images. Concentrate on trailer/teaser, not plot summary. Use PowerPoint to draft content until you're happy. Now you're ready for the techie stuff.

  1. Draft text for slide show, gather images (I used photos I took in Scotland and one public domain image). 
  2. Work in PowerPoint until the presentation looks pretty complete (I'm using the 2007 version. The 2010 version of PowerPoint has an automatic save to movie format).
  3. Save PowerPoint and then using a different name, save the slide show as JPEG File Interchange Format.
  1. Go to, login to your account, and upload files.
  2. Use youtube's UPLOAD page and select SLIDESHOW CREATOR.
  3. Upload your JPEG files. Rearrange them, following steps in Youtube's Slideshow Creator to add music, descriptions, tags, and settings. NOTE: To save time, you can preview music selections by going to youtube's Creator Tools before you upload your slide show.

Voila! Save and share! Your video is now live and ready for your BETA viewers.
Here's my 45-second video for Standing Stones. Just click on that PLAY button to see the trailer, I hope you enjoy. And, if YOU are reading this far, be a beta viewer please, and leave a comment!