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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Women Writers -- Just for Fun

Well, before getting started this morning, I got sidetracked by a Twitter from Mike Wells. He posted this short and somewhat humorous survey. 

So IF you are a female author, why not take this little quiz. It's fun. I get nothing from it . . . except a reveal at the bottom of this post. You get to find out which author I am! I was surprised. The questions were interesting. Thanks, Mike.

Now it's truly time to get to work. 

I made absolutely fabulous progress last night on my Marketing Plan. My goal is simple: When I publish, I want to know exactly what to do to promote my book that works for me. People can be so snarky about what is needed -- You MUST use an editor. You MUST use a professional cover designer.  And that's before deciding how many promo copies are needed, when the book should be launched, what's the best venue for the launch, and many, many other questions. Well, that shoe doesn't fit this princess!

So much information is available online and elsewhere that, at times, designing a realistic marketing plan seems daunting.

What was my breakthrough? The trick for me is to simply DRAFT a list using all the sources I've gathered. Don't worry about which ones I'll actually do. Just put ideas in a list. It's DRAFT first, then REVISE. I could knock myself on the head. Of course, I know how to do that!!!!

PS. I'm Harper Lee.