Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day poem . . .

Now the green leaves vie
with little white apple blossoms, 
and the trees sprout 
tiny parachutes of green and pink.
Even the pine trees 
offer the smallest of cones
at the tips of branches, new growth.
The red-winged blackbirds have returned,
their call half-chirp, half-melodic trill. 
I wander by the wetlands,
yesterday’s snow forgotten.
Hoping for a glimpse of a shy killdeer,
I find a yellow-beaked mallard standing guard
as his brown-feathered hen rests
in a cup-like nest among the reeds,
and I am content.

Mallards by Carl Friedrich Deiker (1875) (Wikipedia)

National Poetry Month has ended, as has my effort to write a poem a day. Yet spring has truly begun. What better way to celebrate the beginning of May than with another poem? May the sun shine and the rain fall in the proper round of seasons, bringing you joy and peace.